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Below are some messages that are from Bro. Long's trip to Romania. The following messages were preached at the Bible Conference there.
Romanian Translation using Google Translate(Mai jos sunt cateva mesaje care sunt de la Bro . Drum lung în România . Următoarele mesaje au fost predicat la Conferința Biblia lor)
-Br.Raul Enyedi-"The Covenants" (Romanian Language, Interpreted by Micrea Roman)
-Br. Kenneth Long-"Complete In Christ" (English Language, Interpreted by Raul Enyedi)

2016 Romanian Bible Conference

-Bro. Robert Ellis (Interpreted by: Raul Enyedi)-Ecclesiastes Chp.11

-Bro. Robert Ellis (Interpreted by: Raul Enyedi)-Ephesians Chp.2

-Bro. Kenneth Long (Interpreted by: Raul Enyedi)-Adoption

-Bro. Kenneth Long (Interpreted by: Raul Enyedi)-Unmoveable Kingdom