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2018 PCB Annual Bible Conference

Bro. Clint Keith 9-22-18
Bro. Jim Duke 9-22-18
Bro. Justin Fulton 9-22-18
Bro. Lonnie Bennet 9-22-18
Bro. Nathan Long 9-23-18
Bro. Ron Crisp 9-23-18
Bro. Mark Minney 9-23-18

2018 Spring Bible Meeting
Bro. Darryl Titus  5-18-18
Bro. Tom Bird 5-19-19
Bro. Darryl Titus 5-19-18
Bro. Enrique Kantu 5-20-18
Bro. Tony Valerio (Translator: Edgar Kantu) 5-20-18

2017 PBC Annual Bible Conference
Bro. Raul Enyedi 9-30-2017
Bro. Antonio Valerio (Bro. Alejandro Castro Interpreting) 9-30-2017
Bro. Alejandro Castro 9-30-2017
Bro. Ronnie Wolfe 9-30-2017
Bro. Nathan Long 10-1-2017
Bro. Raul Enyedi 10-1-2017 (Faith)
Bro. Mark Minney 10-1-2017
Bro. Ted Tweet 10-1-2017

2016 PBC Annual Bible Conference
Bro. Josiah Spears 9-24-2016
Bro. Alejandro Castro 9-24-2016
Bro. Tom Horn 9-24-2016
Bro. Mark Minney 9-24-2016
Bro. Clarence Grigsby 9-25-2016
Bro. Nathan Long 9-25-2016
Bro. Tom Horn 9-25-2016
Bro. Dan Gordon 9-25-2016

2016 PBC Special Meeting
5-13-16 Bro. Tom Ross-Baptism
5-14-16 Bro. Larry Lafferty-The Perpetuity of the church
5-14-16 Bro. Nathan Long-Fulfilling the Commision
5-14-16 Bro. Tom Ross-Alien Baptism
5-15-16 Bro. Nathan Long-The Word of God
5-15-16 Bro. Larry Lafferty-The Road less taken

2015 Providence Baptist Church Bible Conference
Bro. Clarence Grigsby
Bro. Isaac Heil
Bro. Scott Cornett
Bro. Mark Minney
Bro. Scott Guiley
Bro. Nathan Long
Bro. Ron Crisp
Bro. Dan Gordon
2014 Providence Baptist Church Bible Conference 

2013 Providence Baptist Church Bible Conference
Bro. Shaun Trescott -Living Victoriously
Bro. Jim Duvall -Truth
Bro. Nathaniel Hille The Mercies of God
Bro. Timothy Works -Strangers in the Lord's House
Bro. Dan Gordon -Walk with God

2012 Providence Baptist Church Bible Conference

Bro. Jerry Asberry 9-29-2012
Bro. Scott Guiley 9-29-2012
Bro. Nathan Long 9-29-2012
Bro. Mark Minney 9-29-2012
Bro. Jason Shults 9-30-2012
Bro. Ron Crisp 9-30-2012

2012 Voice in the Wilderness Bible Conference
Bro. Hank Bailess
Bro. Paul Stepp
Bro. Jeff Short
Bro. Clarence Grigsby
Bro. Jeff Lawrence
Bro. Pete Horn
Bro. Bill James
Bro. Chuck West
Bro. Tom Hysell

2011 Providence Baptist Church Bible Conference
Bro. Christopher Page 9-24-2011
Bro. Raul Enid 9-24-2011

Bro. Brent Spears 9-24-2011
Bro. Mark Minney 9-24-2011
Bro. Nathan Long 9-25-2011
Bro. Raul Enyid 9-25-2011

2007 Faith Missionary Baptist Church Thanksgiving Conference
Bro. Bill Senich-Buy The Truth
Bro. Bob Hopkins- The Church at Jerusalem, A Pattern for Today's Churches
Bro. Clyde Hancock-Who Are The Christians
Bro. Dan Gordon-The Death of Discernment
Bro. Dwight Brooks-Song of Thanksgiving
Bro. Garner Smith-An Old-Fashioned Baptist Preacher
Bro. Irving Cummins-Prayer
Bro. Jim Radar-Much More Then
Bro. Joe Collins-Being Thankful
Bro. Lee Hammel-The Church of The Lord Jesus Christ
Bro. Steve Shults-What is Wrong with all the boys at Church
Bro. Ted Tweet-Perseverance of the Saints
Bro. Tom Fortner-The Mystery of the Planted Seed
Bro. Wilbert Ellis-The Fruit of the Spirit